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Re: I nominate you for president of the respect the D40 club

RAL wrote:

I've been trying to tell everyone how good it is for months, but I
haven't been very well received here for that. I have tried to tell
them that I initially only bought it for its size, as that was the
one thing missing from my battery of D70, D100 and D1H - a small
carryeverywhere camera that would allow me to use all my lenses (some
as manual focus only) if I wanted to. I quickly became somewhat
overwhelmed by the quality of the images straight out of the camera
compared to the others and the ease of post process techniques if
needed - they just don't take much and it seems much less of a
hassle. Couple that with the size which is ideal for me and I'm sold.
I'm sure others get good results out of what ever camera they have
and I don't intend to run anybody's camera down, but really hate it
when so many try to run down the D40 and peg it as a beginners only,
socceer moms camera when it is capable of so much more and your
posted photos show that well.

Here are a couple of birds in flight from mine.

Beautiful Shots. I have to say this would be a great beginners camera coming into dslr. But for anyone with experience this thing is an absolute joy to use. I say let the pictures speak for themselves. I had a member tell me that getting bird shots like mine are extremely easy to do because of the time of day that I am shooting them. I have shot birds from sun up til sun down with my D50 and never had problems. I just don't think birding at night is in the cards for me. Don't listen to people that bash equipment, most of them have bought something else and god for bid your camera takes just as good of pictures as theirs. Shut them up by posting your pictures. Enjoy the camera and Look forward to seeing more of your work.

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