Capture NX and UniWB problems (D200)

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Re: Capture NX and UniWB problems (D200)

Julia Borg wrote:

with some camera models it looks more like multiplication after ADC
converter is used, same as it is with white balance.

Thanks, that was a quick.
Regarding the D200/D2X are the multiplication coefficients

1) applied to raw data before writing to NEF (would be somehow equivalent to an analog gain adjustment), or

2) do they just remain as a parameter in the NEF? From your writing above it could sound like it is a parameter like the WB coefficients, but then I do not understand why higher ISO instead of underexposure would blow highlights more, and why we can claim that the the histogram is reliable with UniWB at different ISO settings...

even with pre-amplification in analog domain, starting with some ISO
value IMHO it has little to no advantage to set higher ISO compared
to push in raw converters like NC/NX or RML (ISO 320 for D2X is the
point where I see no benefit in raising ISO); but a clear
disadvantage of blown out highlights and somewhat muted colors.

OK this one I think I understand, starting to use the bits at the lower end of the scale to represent meaningless noise, and then pushing some of the higher end of the dynamic range beyond what is represented because of the effective gain. In case this would indicate that 1) is the case, otherwise those highlights could be recovered from the raw data if the raw converter had an option to reduce ISO again?
If I remember correctly from the previous thread this point is ISO800 for D200?

it is hard to take, but try for yourself.

Sure will; the ability to experiment is the nice thing about digital, Thanks again.

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