Capture NX and UniWB problems (D200)

Started Jul 15, 2007 | Discussions thread
Julia Borg Veteran Member • Posts: 7,280
Re: Capture NX and UniWB problems (D200)

I always thought ISO speed somehow set the gain of the
preamplifier(s) to the A/D converter(s)

with some camera models it looks more like multiplication after ADC converter is used, same as it is with white balance.

even with pre-amplification in analog domain, starting with some ISO value IMHO it has little to no advantage to set higher ISO compared to push in raw converters like NC/NX or RML (ISO 320 for D2X is the point where I see no benefit in raising ISO); but a clear disadvantage of blown out highlights and somewhat muted colors.

it is hard to take, but try for yourself.

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