Pentax flash modes update

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Pentax flash modes update

Sorry - have had really limited time to complete this. Hopefully its a bit more correct than last time.


The best way to use the 540 or 360 for fill flash is as follows:

In bright light, if you are shooting a subject against a strong backlight, you will need to use one of the HS modes to stop the background blowing out. This means you have to be closer to the subject as it is a lot less powerful than a normal flash mode once the shutter goes over 1/180.

In this case the easy way is just to put the camera in P or Av mode, set the flash to HS sync, and shoot. The camera will do its best to balance the overall exposure. Note, when using fast shutter speeds, the camera exposure is about the same as it is in slow synch modes, so there is no real advantage to using one of the C modes above unless you really need the control.

If you want finer control, then you can override the camera's best guess and use Tv or M mode with HS sync. In this case take an exposure from the background you want correctly exposed, focus on the subject and then shoot. In this case the camera is guessing the amount of fill to use based on the distance and F stop so you may need to adjust it on the flash or use manual flash.

If you are shooting against a dark background and want to freeze your subject whilst leaving the background properly exposed then you want to use slow sync.

In this case you really need to set the Camera to slow sync/trailing sync unless you are in Tv mode. Again expose for the background and the flash will be set for the focus range, ISO and aperture.

Again you may need to adjust the amount of fill used to taste.

If you find any of this to be incorrect, please let me know. As I said its hard to test all these combos properly so I may have missed a few.

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