*WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted

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Re: *WARNING* Hunter & the Hunted

GlennA wrote:
Fantastic series! Ludicrous idea, to think you should have ( or
could have ) done anything to prevent this happening. What about the
"poor" little fish, that are the usual prey, or are they not fluffy
or cute enough?

But seriously Tech1961....I, for one, would be interested to hear
your reasons for possibly favoring the D40 over the D80

This camera may very well become my favorite for too many
reasons to even list.

I love my D80 and your comments won't affect that, but I still am
interested in the opinions of others, especially others that prove
they know what they're talking about with their photos.



Thanks for your nice comments Glenn. I own a D80 and love it. I really like the size and feel of the D40 camera and the 6 megapixels are alot better as far as post processing goes. I found that with the D80 I have to work harder when using non pro glass as every imperfection is magnified alot more on the 10 megapixel sensor. When I put my 80-200 2.8 semi pro lens on my d80 it absolutely rocks, especially for sports and portraits. With my 70-300vr on the D80 I am not as satisfied as with it being on my D50 or D40. I am going to use my D80 more for shots taken with pro glass as I get more. For the price the D40 is a gem.

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