Nikon Coolpix P5000?

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focussing tips

A number of people have found that the best way to use focussing is to set it to central area only. If the main subject is not at the centre, you lock focus and recompose. This will give more predictable focussing, and avoid errors where the camera focusses on some close object which is not you main subject.

Also, focussing is faster for general use if you set it to the pine tree symbol (which is good for 2 meters to infinity).

As you noticed, there is no exposure lock, but spot metering works well for backlit subjects.

samoh2 wrote:

So far so good, but there are something I needed to concern.
First, focusing is better than cp4500 but it may be still difficult
sometime when the object I wanted to take and the background are
similar. Maybe I still need to learn how to use p5000, but I have
missed a few shots because the focusing. I wish the camera can
indicate the focused area. Anyway, I think I'm getting better.

Second, there is no auto exposure lock. P5000 has AE-L capablity w/
panorama, but it doesn't have AE-L stand-alone. When I used cp4500,
AE-L was extreamly usefull. Because the dynamic renge of the CCD is
not wide enough, I use AE-L! I often don't want to use exposure at
focusing area too. I really hope that Nikon will update the farm
ware w/ AE-L feature. Please~

All over so far very good w/ just a little frustration.

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