Feisol Tripod

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Re: Feisol Tripod

Their heads look to be made by benro. I have the benro KS-1 (the big one) and I got the head off of ebay for around 140 shipped. its a pretty nice head although there are some coments about them being not very high quality internally. the insides look pretty poorly machined and the screw for the pan makes the head move when you tighten it. all in all its good for the price but its no markins or RRS head.

I only wonder why the other poster bought a markins head and then added a expensive clamp to it when it would have been much cheaper just to get a RRS head w the clamp and be done with it. $1000 is alot to spend on a tripod/head and only end up with a budget set of legs. IMO..
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