Valeria the Bulgarian Beauty :)

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<-- Silly old bugger :)

Thank you so much you are way too kind... i am definitely not the best... but i'm always striving to be I think i fall in the Silly old bugger category now

Paul Amyes wrote:

Hi Jacob

Gun photographer. Well its Aussie slang and it belongs in the sheep
shearing sheds. A gun shearer is the best shearer, does the most work
and is the number one on the team. So its definitely a compliment.

The other Aussie term I use a lot is "fair go", everyone should be
treated right and there is no need to descend to base insults, unless
they're by mutual consent, then they become terms of endearment. Like
calling your mate a "Silly old bugger" or a "Boof Head".

All the best Jacob.

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