Are the new Gitzo's lighter and stronger

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Re: to mark

mmarian wrote:

All I can say to you is that I treat my equipment the way I would
treat my best friend and it has paid off many times over for me. My
17 years old Hassy is looking almost as new and it had done tons of
work for me. And I had my good old Manfrotto tripod for many many
years and all I had to do from time to time was to clean and
lubricate the moving parts of the head and tighten the nuts on the
leg locking levers. Especially after working near salt water I made
always shure to rinse the whole thing in fresh water as soon as I had
the chance do so. It is not a rocket science, just a bit of a common
sense. But that just me. Everybody is different, I guess. If you
treat your equipment like piece of you-know-what you can't expect it
to last very long, can you. But the same can be said about many other
things in life. But as I said, everybody is different and I
understand that sometimes the environment can be harsh and it
certainly can take a toll on equipment, so no offence intended.

You have NO CLUE how I treat my equipment or how many days a year it spends on location and yet you go off on some tangent about treating equipment "like a piece-of-you-know-what"?! truly classy guy.

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