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Re: Feisol Tripod

I'm delighted with my CT-3401, and Markins M10-L head.
I use a D200 with the 17-55, and 70-200 VR with both a 1.7TC and a 2.0TC.

The tripod and head have been absolutely fantastic. I was initially reluctant to spend so much on the tripod and head, but 3 years later I'm still thrilled with the setup, and so glad I went this route.

When shooting the 70-200VR with the 2.0TC there's some pretty severely visible shake in the system visible through the viewfinder after the shutter closes. It makes it very clear why MLU is available on the D200. I'm not at all convinced that the tripod/head makes much difference on this respect, I think it's just the mirror/shutter slap of the D200 is pretty heavy.

With the Markins system you buy a separate plate for the camera body versus for the 70-200VR, it makes things very very easy to use having both plates. I actually have another plate for my D70 too.

The only problem I've had with the tripod is the center column lock knob once unwound itself and fell out. This rendered my tripod basically unusable, or at least only of very marginal value - fortunately I was in the last three days of a three week vacation. Feisol sent me a replacement for free - outside of warrantee, so that was cool. Their newer design has eliminated the lock knob and instead has a lock twist shaft, rather like the legs, so I don't think on the newer models there's a risk of anything falling off. Also, what's dead cool about Feisol, they offer a $50 upgrade to buy a new style center column that can be retro fitted by the end user to the old style legs. So if I loose the lock knob again I'll probably upgrade the center column.

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