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The Markins M20 w a cover was $379.-, Feisol 3371 was $365, the RRS "L" bracket was 140.- the RRS B2LRII clamp was 120.- Total was a little over $1,000- including shipping. I hadn't set out to spend that much, but after doing research, I decided to go ahead and spend a little extra. I was going to buy a Gitzo GT2530 or GT3530lsv, but that would've stretched the budget too far, so I decided to go with Feisol and save a few hundred bucks. As far as the RRS gear, my background is in broadcast news, and the video cameras we use, attach to the tripods with lever release type clamps. I am used to this type of gear and the RRS B2LR II offers that style of mechanism, it offers solid locking. I am very impressed with the construction of their equipment...first class.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your purchase. There are a lot of very experienced people on this site, I found great information here!

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