Dilemma: Canon SD850IS or Nikon CoolPix P5000

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Re: I returned the G7 and kept the P5000

Canon should have made the camera like this. Of course, even if you buy this kit, it's going to be made of wood or some hard material, not a soft rubber (as it is on the P5000). And when you glue it on the camera, will it stay on?

(I used duct tape on the grip of my G7 while I had it. This looks crude, and after a while the glue starts to ooze out under the edges.)

The G7 is elegant metal, with some kind of brushed texture that makes it especially slippery. Elegant to look at, but it's bad from the point of view of useability.

BTW, I also found the VR was not very effective on the G7, perhaps because the camera was hard to hold. I couldn't hand hold it at wide angle below 1/15th second, while 1/4 second is no problem on the P5000.

m_markovich wrote:

If I go with G7 and that is likely I may regret it and learn about
things one can not know before start using camera, but than again it
will end-up on eBay within days of my return;

I totally agree with you, that the G7 us awkward to hold because of
missing grip, there is a solution to this on Canon’s forum some
people may be interested to learn, here is the link:


Thank you for your input!


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