Film versus DSLR dynamic range

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Well... Guess what?

Jay Turberville wrote:

You can't just look at the total
dynamic range and think you'd got a handle on what the sensor can
deliver. 11 stops from an S70? Sure. But only about 8-9 stops are
going to be photographically usefu.

...You are F-correct, here. No questions asked. In fact, had we started this conversation here , we would have "warped" space&time and traveled to our destination point in a fraction of the time, indeed.

The very same concept that you clearly and correctly point out above (e.g. non-linear signal-to-noise ratio accross tonal band), is precisely what MANY, MANY folks here do not quite get, yet (especially old-timers that have not fully grasped "digital workflowing").

And this is where the PERFORMANCE of the cam's matrix and pipeline become the first-and-final step on your ladder, literally.

As of today, I have encountered fairly limited instances where the 1D MarkII N has ran out of gas, in the DR department. And, for those get-it-no-matter-what" situations, we have other (and powerful) tricks under its hood, to get the scene's DR captured.

This also explains, why I have been able to get (consistently), anything between 10.0 and 11.0 f/stops of DR, systematically , consistently and predictably from our 1D2 (former) and 1D2N (today), while some others have had to moan-and-cry, forever, not really knowing how to do it because they consider themselves "great photographers".


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