Dilemma: Canon SD850IS or Nikon CoolPix P5000

Started Jul 24, 2007 | Discussions thread
SamK2 Contributing Member • Posts: 908
I returned the G7 and kept the P5000

I know a lot of people like the G7, and it's a big seller. However, quite a few people who bought it have also regretted it and returned it. I did.

It's not a very comfortable camera to hold, as the grip is almost non-existent and slippery. Color straight out of the camera is a little more natural than the P5000, which needs more processing, but shadow noise is seriously bad.

m_markovich wrote:

Thank you again for all the input; I went to store and played with
all SD800is, SD850is, P5000 and I added G7 to the mix; as is now I am
leaning toward G7 heavily if I am going P&S route, by far for me it
is easiest to operate and it does have Manual control.

I am still contemplating the D40x with stock or 18-135 lens as
lightest DSLR around, I know that we are talking completely different
type of cameras, but I am still thinking, the smartest choice for me
would be G7 and if I discover, that is given things I don’t like I
will eBay the camera soon after the trip.



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