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I know that this isn't the same package that you are looking at, but I just received the Feisol 3371. It arrived in 4 business days, the transaction was very easy and I would purchase other products from them. My first impression of the tripod; it is very light, quality construction, the legs and locks work fine, very solid support. The spreader control bottons are a little bit stiff but lock into place and won't be a problem for me.

I mounted a Markins M20 head with RRS lever release clamp and attached a RRS L brackett to my d70s. I have the same lenses that you have and at some point might add to my kit. This set up is a bit more than I might need at this point, but I figured I would future proof. I wanted to go with a Gitzo, but I already streched my budget as far as I could and I think that the savings from the Feisol was a smart move for me. I'll see how it all works out as I put this gear to work. Just wanted to pass this on to you.

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