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Re: External Flash for S30/S40

JAlonzo wrote:

Does anyone have any experience with the Metz 34-CS2 Digital Mini
Multi-Mode Flash?

Reg: Metz Mecablitz 34 CS-2 Digital:

I purchased this unit yesterday and the test shots taken so far turned out fine. My S-40 fits nicely on the included 7"× 1¼" padded aluminum rail. There is also a little plastic stand for using the flash away from the camera.

The "Slave Function Selector" has 3 positions, 0 for slave off, 1 for cameras without a measuring preflash (S-30,S40) or 3 for cameras that use a measuring preflash.

Remember that "measuring preflash" and "red eye reduction flash" are two different things. I deduct from reading the Instruction Manual that the Metz Unit will no tolerate the latter. Fortunately the S-30,S-40 uses a red eye reduction lamp instead of a preflash.

The "Mode Selector" has 4 settings, M (Manual) gives full output and the 3 A (Auto) settings allow for different f-stops being used in the camera.
I like the automatic shutoff after 8 min. of inactivity.(a Lithium Batt.saver!)

On my S-40 I use the M setting with 1/100 or 1/80 sec and an f-stop to correspond with the A- setting in the Flash Unit. The ISO as low as conditions will allow.
I paid $ 120.- in a local camera store and they only had the one unit in stock.
Happy Flashing to All, Helmut

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