Film versus DSLR dynamic range

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Re: Nail the exposure for both areas....and do this...

Um....did you read the part about the fact I KNOW my tutorial isnt using bracketed shots...but works the same for bracketd shots?

And it isn't HDR...cant stand HDR.

And bracketed blended (NON HDR) exposures do work most of the time with moving subjects as your blending the highlights through to a dark long as the subject isnt moving along those transition lines...your golden.


Lictor wrote:

RomanJohnston wrote:

Yeah...the tutorial is using one RAW shot...but works the same for
bracketed exposures.

Yes, I know about HDR. Though doing it from a single RAW file is not
really the orthodox way to do it - you're not gaining any DR by doing
it, you just get a new way to map the RAW DR to the 8 bits of the
JPEG. Another way would be to simply use d-lighting, since it works
more or less the same way.

Proper HDR, with bracketed exposures (BTW, would be nice of Nikon to
allow bracking with steps above 1IL! 2-3 IL would be nice), works
very nicely indeed. I have been using it for some photos, and if you
don't overdo it, the results are pretty natural. However, it is only
of limited use :

  • cannot work with people who are not willing to remain totally

motionnel for a couple of seconds. Any tiny movement will result in
softness or weird artefacts. And if your outdoor, the background
becomes a problem, because it too can move. If you're in a studio,
HDR is worthless, since you're in full control of the DR anyway...

  • even with landscape you have some problems. For instance, the wind

will make everything move : water, clouds, trees.... Likewise, any
human being, animal or car becomes your ennemy.

HDR is a great tool, especially since it was not intended for
photography at first. But it can't replace a natural high dynamic
range media...

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