Film versus DSLR dynamic range

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To satisfy your criteria...

Jay Turberville wrote:

There is some slight non-linearity in real life in the darkest
shadows which is probably due to lens flare. That probably explains
why we can actually reach and even exceed a tiny bit the theoretical
DR limits. You can see that slight non-linearity in this Imatest
graph. It is interesting on its own merits, but I don't think it has
much relevance to practical photography with most cameras. Note the
otherwise linear response.

...and to demonstrate the value/importance of the equipment, here you go (notice the improved non-linearity at the top-bottom, and, most importantly, the MASSIVELY improved signal-to-noise ratios acrross the tonal band, when compared to yours, which, in all fairness, I do not know WTF you got such limited ratios):

(and the above is already after TRC's applied, and with basically NO noise-reduction!) NO wonder, now, what you are complaining about "shadows"... DUDE, you need A NEW CAM! 8-))

And the pretty much the very same processing used (above) to generate these sample (trivial) images, for example:

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