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Re: Singapore: Camera Shops

I highly recommend John3:16 at Funan Centre. They have the best service and no hard selling.

As for Alan Photo, they now have a new shop at Funan Centre also, you will need to know the price you are after before going in.

Across the road is Cathay Photo which is the biggest camera store in SIngapore. Service and price depends on which sale person you talk to. Overall they do usually charge a pretty fair price.

The GST (Good and Service Tax) in Singapore have gone to 7% with effect from 1 July 2007. At John 3:16 they will prepare the claim form for you, so that at the airport you can get back 6%. The govt keeps the other 1%. Something to be aware of is that most of these shop will charge you an additional 2% if you are paying by Credit Card to off set the Credit Card charges. So if you are pretty certain about purchase might be good to bring cash with you.

If my memory service me correctly, John 3:16 is selling the 5D Kit with 24-105mm F4 IS at S$5800.00 net. So take 6% off that and you get the selling price. If there is any prices that you want to know drop me a line and I can find out for you.

Cheers and have a wonderful time when you are in Singapore.

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