Film versus DSLR dynamic range

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Re: Film versus DSLR dynamic range

Ravncat wrote:

Though, I don't understand why people talk about an advantage of film
being how it behaves when it overexposes, unless you are going for
overexposure, it's not so hard to nail your exposure.

Really? How do you nail your exposure if your foreground is in deep shadows at IL5 and your background is bathed in light at IL15?

Fill-in flash would be the answer, but it's not always possible. HDR is another answer, but again, it's not always an option.

With B&W film, I could "nail the exposure" for the foreground and let the background wash away in the highlights. This could add to bokeh and look rather good actually. Besides, grain would avoid the "cut out" effect you get with digital.

DR is not a problem per se, the problem is with how digital behaves at the clipping point. Color shift due to channel clipping is rather ugly for instance.

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