18-200mm really moves off shelves

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Re: I agree, perfect for travel....

I truly don't think its very scarce anymore. I think the demand has just about matched up with the supply. There are numerous places where this lens is in-stock now, whereas previously, you couldn't find it anywhere. B&H was selling out of the lens in hours - whereas this latest order didn't sell out for about half a week.

I would predict that within the next couple months, the price will fall closer and under the MSRP of $699 (I believe that was the MSRP - which is hard to find now cause what store wants to say MSRP: $699, crossed out and then "On Sale: $749" You save -7%.

When all the various places have them, the competition will begin and the price will come down to a more reasonable level; more in line with what seems to be the value of build quality Nikon put forth in this product.

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