Film versus DSLR dynamic range

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Jay Turberville wrote:

Probably because it is darned poor evidence.

...WHERE is yours?

Let me know if you accept.

I'll be happy to send you
raw files of step wedges and you can develope them and show us how
there are usable tones beyond 9 or so stops. Every time I go there,
the noise gets pretty intense.

...I DID NOT ask for Stouffer wedges (I already got them, , long time ago ).

We are working under Dave's "REAL WORLD" images principle, and I have asked him to step-up to the plate and send me FILM IMAGES, so I can scan them and process them, using my skills and tools, and post the results, here.

Or are you going to live up to Dave's irony's, too?

P.S.: Cut the B.S. and grab your cam, fire your candle, on a low-light area, set the cam to ISO400 and shoot HANDHELD. Come back here, and let's see your "genius" at work...


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