I love that 12-24mm DX - Cambodia pics

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Re: I love that 12-24mm DX - Cambodia pics

I am not doing any distortion correction whatsoever. I realize that this may be a concern to some people but I actually do not mind distortion in wide angle lenses and instead look for a way to work with it.

By constanly watching the vertical and horizontal lines in my viewfinder, I tilt and angle the camera untill I find an image that works for me.

I also crop and rotate the image in Lightroom (or Photoshop) to lessen the effect of distortion when it is unpleasing. Sometimes I purposely look for an angle that enhances the distortion.

One of the reasons that I really like wide angle lenses is that when everything is working right, you get the feeling of falling into the image or being able to step into it.

The image of the soda cans above is one of my favorites in this series because when I look at it it instantly puts me back into the chair I was sitting in at the time that I took the picture. If I had not held the camera perfectly straight in relation to the cans it would have been completely distorted.

Kycoo wrote:

Beautiful shots! I love the saturated look.

I am thinking of getting one for travel myself. Could you please
comment on how much distortion correction you have to do to get these

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