Film versus DSLR dynamic range

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Here you go (time FOR FACTS & SAMPLES and less words)...

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Compared to slide film, DSLRs have decent dynamic range. I have
little problem getting 10 to 11 stops from color neg film and a 16
bit 16X multi scan from Fuji ProS 160 or the old NPS 160.

...You are welcome any time to show us these results, and, ABOVE ALL, density curves on the deep shadows (as well as resulting color balance and signal-to-noise/grain when pushing shadows after scanning).

The problem with digital capture in this respect is its linearity.

...That's its beauty, in fact (for those that are TRULY skilled with dealing with Digital-to-Digital workflows)

Films have a more gentle rolloff of highlights and shadows due to
their response curves at the toe and shoulder. It would require some
nasty overexposure to blow out Tri-X or FP4 compared to a DSLR.

Here you go, NASTY (really, really NASTY) on dSLR:

The only people who think DSLRs exceed film in dynamic range are
those who hang out in a lab using Imatest.

...I believe that you are pretty much out of tune with today's world. May be you got stuck somewhere... Here is a 12 - 13 f/stops at ISO100-400 (!) from a dSLR, NO tripod, no support, no filters, etc., just cam+lens (let's see if you are capable of posing the RIGHT questions, here): (this is test of FIRE, where reproduction of flame's combustion colors as well as background is key for detecting actual DR. Just go ahead, try at home with ANY ISO400 COLOR FILM you may think of, handheld, and come back here with your results... :-)))

.....much in the same way that in the real world, 12bit
DSLRs are nowhere near 11 to 12 stops.
In the real world, their
tests fall flat.

You have NO CLUE with what the connection with the REAL world is and what TESTS allow you to prepare for. Here we have around 11.0 stops of DR, approximate, in motion:

Here we go, around 10 f/stops on ISO800, shadows pushed to where they could not get any longer (my eyes COULD NOT SEE A THING, it was PITCH-black at takeoff, lens at 200mm, and a meager 220EX, which basically did NOTHING):

I want to see an equivalent ISO800 capture of ANY FILM, ANY EMULSION, ANY MANUFACTURER, ANY INVENTION IN THE HISTORY OF 35mm ANALOG PHOTOGRAPHY, next to this one... 8-)))

NOW: your time to either PUT UP and show the evidence, or I would simple deem your post as medieval poetry.

Your call!

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