Nikon Coolpix P5000?

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A very nice little camera

Reviewers have complained that the P5000 is slow, and there is some validity to this, but you can for the most part work around it.

The focussing is a little slower than on the competition, but apart from that the shutter lag is not bad, so you can take action shots quite well if you pre-focus. (However, you do have to wait while the camera saves to take the next shot, which can be a bit frustrating once you are used to a DSLR).

My history is that I bought a P5000, and returned it. Then I bought a G7. The G7 is faster, but ergonomics are inferior (hardly any grip, and what it has is slippery), and it has quite bad shadow area noise even at the lowest ISO. I find that the VR is more effective in the P5000 than the G7. I ended up returning the G7, and getting the P5000 again (now for keeps).

The other big advantage of the P5000 is the ability to do bounce flash (admittedly, not in a big room) with the tiny SB-400 flash which is just the right size for it.

All in all, it's not perfect, and Nikon could have made it quite a bit better for not much more cost. However, it gives you full manual control, pretty good picture quality, great hand feel, all in an amazingly lightweight and tiny package. Because it's so small, you will take it everywhere, and get pictures you would have missed because (presumably) you woudn't take your DSLR with you all the time.

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