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Re: More smeary ISO 100 G7 shots

Paul Bettini wrote:

Wayne Larmon wrote:

Not all of my images are like this--scenes with higher contrast have
much less detail smearing. But I visit Cape Cod a lot, so scenes
like this are common for me.

Without thinking about it too much, those pictures just remind me of
desert heat waves.

Were those taken in extreme heat?

Not really. The images were taken on Nantucket, Mass, on May 4th of this year. I looked at a picture of my wife taken a few minutes earlier and she was wearing a long sleeved shirt. And long pants. If it was at all hot she would have been wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt.

Did you look at the grass in the foreground? It shows almost the same smearing. Best viewed in full resolution:

And BTW, the full resolution ones are just as they came from the camera. JPEG compression was set at the highest quality.


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