Nikon Coolpix P5000?

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Re: I'm surprised...

nboyer wrote:
...about the relatively low press about this camera. I bought one a
week or so ago and it can either be a fantastic camera or a
frustrating one. Like you, I own a D80 with a bag of lenses to go
with. I wanted something that could give me very good quality when
printing to 16x20 and the P5000 can if handled properly. The things
that I find a bit of a letdown are the limited focal range without
buying accessory lenses and slowish auto-focus. Depending on what
you are photographing, it may not even be a problem. I also own a
Panasonic TZ3. A great camera in it's own right and nothing from
anyone else comes close in terms of size and focal range. But, in
the end, I'm all about IQ. Here the P5000 edges the TZ3 out when
printing large. The VR works fabulously and I can shoot at slower
shutter speeds than the TZ3, maybe this has something to do with
better ergonomics of the P5000 though. Typical subdued color
signature of Nikon, which can be improved upon in PP. When mounting
the SB-600 on it, it works very well. I was hoping that the P5000
would take advantage of the focus-assist light on the flash, but
doesn't appear to. Overall, it's still a new camera to me, but when
I look at the 16x20 prints, it does put a smile on my face. Good
luck with your choice, there are lots to choose from. -Norm

DezM wrote:

Any opinions or suggestions of getting a Nikon Coolpix P5000 as a
compact backup camera? I've already read the review on DPReview but
am interested in opinions of owners of this camera (if any?).

I have D80 and Im interested in also owning a compact point & shoot.

Any insight or opinions would be appreciated.

Hey Norm. I appreciate the post. I had read that the autofocus is slow and that it lags at times. I went to B&H on Sunday and found that to be true. The autofocus is slow but each image I shot looked pretty sharp to me. I love the feel of the camera and the big 3" LCD.

What case did you buy for the P5000? And what other camera besides the TZ3 would you or others recommend?

Forgot to mention, I want good IQ, Image Stabilization, a 3" screen and to be able to use SDHC cards.


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