Specs for new FZ cam... FZ18

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Re: Specs for new FZ cam... FZ18

digital_ray_of_light wrote:

aftab wrote:

Thanks to the other poster who provided the link ... here is the
specs page

So, it is FZ18, successor to FZ8
18X zoom !!!
Face detection ..... yes, we knew
8.1 MP
1/2.5 sensor
It seems no successor to FZ50 this year.

Also nice: 400 CIPA, 28-500mm eq range, RAW+JPEG

Ya missed RAW/RAW w/JPG... That would seem to me, the complaint about having no choice of getting a JPG with RAW whether it's wanted or not is history.... And that 504mm comes at the cost of F/4.6, which if it maintains the same focus speed & accuracy the previous recent Fz's acheived @ 420mm might put the Oly out of the running completely, since that seems to hunt @ full zoom regardless of light & probably is the biggest complaint Oly doesn't seem interested in fixing....

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