30D/85L vs 5D/135L bokeh comparison (pics inside)

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30D/85L vs 5D/135L bokeh comparison (pics inside)

Seeing that I have both 30D & 5D set-ups at the moment, I thought I'd use this opportunity to test the differences between the 2 bodies and again highlighting the 1 1/3 stop narrower DOF advantage of the 5D.

This time the 30D/85L (136mm FOV FF equiv.) and the 5D/135L. Both have a similar field of view. I actually thought that the bokeh of the 85L would still be smoother and creamier but I would say the 5D/135L combo gives the better bokeh.

I know bokeh is subjective but this is interesting comparison as the 30d/85L costs almost the same as a 5D/135L combination.

Like I said before, if I knew the results that I have done now, I personally would have upgraded to the 5D first rather than buy the 85L and stick with the 30D. I hope this test may benefit others as it would have for me who are considering whether to buy L primes first while having a crop or to upgrade to 5D first.

PS I only found out later that the 2nd test 30D/85L were slightly back focused by maybe an inch or so as I can still see the cobwebs. I don't think it would have made any difference the the bokeh of the shot though.

All shot with tripod, remote shutter, mirror lockup (prob not req. at these shutter speeds)

Anyhow, enjoy the tests.

The background

Test 1
30D/85L @ f1.2 ISO 100

5D/135L @ F2 ISO 100

Test 2

30D/85L @ f1.2 (slightly back focused, by maybe an inch or so, as explained above)

5D/135L @ f2

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