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Sunpak Digital Flash (Was: Re: External Flash for S30/S40)

After reading some of the previous postings, I went to Ritz and got a Sunpak Digital Flash. It's differnet than the silver one most others have, mine is black and is not part of a kit ($29).

I have been experimenting with it for the past two days (on my S30), and I must say that I'm pretty happy with it. In slave mode, it works about 75% of time. I've never had a slave flash before, so I don't know if I am doing something wrong (pointing the eye, etc).

However, when it works, the picture is beautiful! The flash can be swiveled up towards the ceiling, and the pictures is much more natural than the blast you get from the internal flash. It also lights up the background much better than the internal flash. I don't know about others S30/40 owners, but unless my background is well lit, it's usually comes out very very dark in internal flash shots.

As for exposure, I've been successful with A mode, ISO 50, Exp Compensation minus 1 1/3, AWB, flash compensation -2. It took more than 100+ exposures to figure out those #s, but you'll have to adjust for your condition. The exposure is right on most of the time. I tried M as some suggested but it always under exposes.

I dont' have a good A/B comparison now but will post when I have one. I wish I had done this earlier and I wish I can figure out a way to make it consistent.

After this little experiment, I'm so jelous of G2 owners who can use external flash and ETTL without hit-and-miss results. However, I carry my S30 everywhere and I would have missed even more shots because of G2's size.


JAlonzo wrote:

Does anyone have any experience with the Metz 34-CS2 Digital Mini
Multi-Mode Flash?

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