What are good lenes for my D80

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Re: What are good lenes for my D80

Stick with the 18-135 or 18-70 kit. Definitely get a 50mm f/1.8 for a bit more than a hundred. It will deliver extremely sharp images (probably noticeably sharper, especially at wider apertures than the kit zoom), is lightweight, and with the wide aperture usable in low light.

At that point, well I'd get a replacement step from a company like Optech (off topic, but for $25 or so it's one of the best investments you can make, saves the nick and becomes less of a thief target).

Then, be patient - that D80 + 18-135 + 50 will give a lot of breathing room. I think a common beginner's mistake is to rush out and start buying equipment left and right, but wait until you really develop the need for a certain range, and then go for it.

Also off topic, if you're looking for a few resources to learn about composition, I'd recommend Bryan Peterson's "Understanding Exposure", and a completely shameless plug for my own audio tutorials at:

http://www.ashotapart.com/ - photoblogging nyc and beyond

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