Why bother changing base ISO?

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Re: The promised test photos...a few hours late

Julia Borg wrote:

figured there might be something wrong with my

no, not your methodology is wrong - it is just that Adobe converters
are not suitable for this kind of work.

What converter do you suggest? I may be asking Mr. Toyoda what brand of car he recommends here, but I'm open to suggestions. I am still establishing a workflow for my photography in general, so I don't have any loyalty except to results. I used dng for two reasons: Photoshop CS has almost no adjustments when opening D200 files directly, and dng files open and process in literally 1/10 the time of the NEF's on my very slow computer.

PS I figured ACR wasn't linear when I saw it's interpretation of the +3 push on the ISO 100 picture, it came out significantly darker than the others.
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