Why bother changing base ISO?

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Re: The promised test photos...a few hours late

Julia Borg wrote:

100% crop from the center area of the four raw files, converted to
DNG and opened in CS

that is probably the worst way you can do that.

btw, eV bump in ACR is not linear.

Talk to me Julia. I figured there might be something wrong with my methodology, but this is about the only way I have available to me right now. What would you suggest, and do you think there's any validity to the results I showed? I'm not trying to be an authority on this, putting out some real world images to look at. This discussion as a whole is fascinating, and I'm going to compare again an image that the camera thinks is correctly exposed at 3200, one stop under at 1600 and two under at 800. How would you go about testing that? Thanks for your expertise and insight, as usual.
-Nick Davis
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