Why bother changing base ISO?

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Re: To the Left to the Right

from my understanding of what julia borg said in the past, basically you are
underexposing even if you cranck up the iso.

That's the way I understand it, too.

Exposing for X seconds at aperture Y means collecting exactly those Z photons that manage to pass through that aperture during that time. Cranking up the ISO value simply tells the RAW converter to interpret the photon count Z as "bright" that would otherwise be interpreted as "dark". Its like pouring water from a large jug into a small glass: The same amount of water that fills the glass barely covered the bottom of the jug. The ISO value makes no difference during capture, and I don't see a reason why there should be any difference in the RAW data. AFAIK, it is simply a parameter of interpreting the data after the shot.

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