Why bother changing base ISO?

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Re: To the Left to the Right

cycle61 wrote:

The link somebody posted above is fascinating and very informative
with regards to this.
It indicates, after thorough analysis, that for the D200 at ISO 800 a
single electron is equal to one step of 4096 on a 12 bit scale. This
means that if you have to go above ISO 800 to expose to the right,
you have more tonal levels available in digital than you have
electrons, so amplifying the signal any more prior to conversion
won't help. I still think that up to 800, you're going to be better
off with analog amplification to achieve your full tonal range. I've
tried some test shots, but I don't have them all processed yet.

Hi Nick,

thanks for your responce. I followed up to 'analog amplification'. Could you please explain? I thought the whole process was digital from camera to computer?

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