Why bother changing base ISO?

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Re: Posterization

This is an interesting subject, but to the - OP this theory is
strange to me.

Normaly on this forum i read threads nit picking on lens quality, IQ
this camera versus that, sensor size, noise... canon high iso, blah
blah blah, which ranges from interesting to rediculous.

Now I ask if this is your theory why bother with a dslr in the first

Well, it's not exactly a theory -- I've just been playing around with doing things a bit differently and trying to see if I lose anything with this approach. Say I want to get a quick shot of an animal that peeks out of the woods and starts walking away. My camera is set at ISO 100, f/8, and 1/500. The required exposure is f/4 at 1/250 but the lens I happen to have on the camera is slower than that and if I use a slower shutter speed at the FL I want, I'll get motion blur or camera shake. Should I spend the time to bump the ISO or just make the exposure with what I've got set? Seems to me that I'm better off getting the shot and adjusting the exposure in a raw converter than futzing with the ISO setting while the opportunity for the image disappears.

Yes, I have faster lenses, too, but not always with me.

My approach is far from convetioanl but surely correct exposure is a
fundimental basic of photography.

Certainly, I agree with that. If I thought I could get a great shot under the circumstances with a wider aperture and a slower shutter speed, I would.

Why not just by a point and shoot and forget about the rest.

Oh, I can't stand point and shoot cameras. Much more noise, for one thing. And much more limited choices in lenses.

It's like using a milk bottle for a lens on a full frame, 10 frames
per second camera...
now there's an idea : )

Or a lensbaby...
Jim Kaye

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