Why bother changing base ISO?

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Re: Why bother changing base ISO?

Anyone else ever shoot this way?

Only when I've made a horrible mistake. You can only get away with
that within a stop.

Well, have you actually tried using the same shutter speed and aperture (suitable to an ISO 800 exposure, say) to shoot the same scene raw at two different ISOs (for example 100 and 800) and boost the ISO 100 shot 3 stops in post? Can you see a substantial difference in the noise?

If you don't feel like thinking, that's what the P mode and auto ISO is for.

Actually, I'm thinking about this all quite a bit (too much, I'm sure some would say) -- that's not the issue. I pointed out that there is a big potential advantage to this method -- not blowing out any (small but still important) highlights. I don't see any major disadvantage (in terms of noise levels in the final image), so I'm trying to see what other people's experience with this method is.

I used P mode the first week I had my first film SLR, but not since. I'd much rather set aperture or shutter speed, or both, directly. (Yes, I know, there's "flexible" program mode, but A or S or M are a more direct approach in my view.) And auto ISO is not exactly thought-free either -- it leaves the exposure decision to the camera's meter or requires appropriate offsetting with exposure compensation, which is still up to the photographer.
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