Why bother changing base ISO?

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Re: Why bother changing base ISO?

Hi Jim,

my findings were that raw files taken with my D2X are actually better when I use a lower ISO, and underexpose by one stop intentionally, then "push" one stop in Capture.

I take a lot of pictures in dim tungsten environment, and in order to get 1/125th @ f:3, wich is my minimum requirement, I'm forced to use ISO 1000. What I do is, in auto exposure, I use ISO 500, dial a minus one stop correction, and shoot this way, ignoring the underexposure. (Note that the aperture/shutter stays the same as if using 1000 ISO). LCD image is not a problem, as it always seems bright anyway, at least in subdued light.

What I get after pushing 1 stop in Capture is the very same picture noise-wise, but more colorful shadows, and as a bonus, a one stop protection against blown parts of the image, wich in these shoots, cannot be controlled carefully (action shots, changing lights). I do take advantage of double corrections often, in order to extend the DR, by salvaging otherwise blown parts.

I would'nt do this if I was shooting JPG's, naturally. No banding has been observed. Note that the raw adjustment is a max of +2 stops in Capture, and a usable minus ½ to 1 stop, actually...

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