GX100 low light performance

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Re: GX100 low light performance

paul_smurf wrote:

Most of the pictures people are posting to this forum are shrunk down
to much smaller than original size, and they look beautiful. At full
size, however, high-ISO images are quite noisy. Someone else said
that at ISO 400 it's no worse than other compacts. That's probably a
fair statement; it's just that for twice the money, I expected the
GX100 would be better.

No argument there, indeed at full size they are noisy. But do you print a 10 megapixel image at full size? Also, they are noisy, but they also have good detail preservation. All I am saying is, within its limitations, ISO 400 images are actually very usable up to normal print sizes (say A4 or A3 even, depends on subject matter and also viewing distance). I have only tried ISO 800 in B&W mode, for a few photos of my daughter, and the results are OK.

Well, for twice the money, you get a great lens starting at 24mm, you get RAW, you get a great user interface, and a solidly built camera. I am willing to pay more for that.

There are some interesting things happening, with both Canon and Sony announcing CMOS sensor developments for their compact cameras, so perhaps the future holds some nice surprises. The digicam mass-market has been probalby milked to death, and is saturated of models that are all the same, from different brands. Perhaps manufacturers are finally awaking to cater for the other market of digicams, the more serious users. We can always hope.

Going back to the noise problem, indeed it is there. But I have moved on, and accepted the GX100 for what it is. It has its limitations, but for me, it is the most gratifying digicam that I have used so far, because it not only looks serious, it can be seriously used. As a comparison, the G7 also looks serious, but falls short in some more serious use.

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