All quiet on the Nikon front

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Re: Critique of weak leak: no sneak peek

Richard Poinvil wrote:

.... Please, we'll talk (type) after
the anouncement.
Rich P
I'm not going to brag about my equipment but I'll show you my pictures!

For someone that places emphasis on his reputation with a signature like this..

"I'm not going to brag about my equipment but I'll show you my pictures!"

it's fairly obvious you have no basis of fact!!!

It's a very contradictory attitude to have where you claim
.."I can't tell you who or what..."

yeah, yeah, how convenient!

Well I can tell you, what I know.

As the the CEO of Nikon Corp.....

I can irrefutably, and undeniably tell you that we have a D3h and a D3x in the lineup!

We are going to make an announcement very soon with respect to a new camera body.. the D3 series.

I can't really remember if they were FF or not because I fell asleep at the last product development meeting.
Doesn't matter, really!

The main news(you are all hearing right now, from THE HORSES MOUTH, is that we have had a D3 in development for some time. Will be released soon.

FF or Crop? ... I can't remember, but you'll all just have to keep guessing for the moment until I can email my chief of pre press announcement leaking department, who regularly hangs out at DPR!!

Thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy the next week or so!

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