All quiet on the Nikon front

Started Jul 15, 2007 | Discussions thread
nrg_alpha Contributing Member • Posts: 504
Re: We heard 3 things this Spring wrote:

1. something is coming

2. we won't be disappointed

3. Nikon will improve communication

0 out of 3 isn't bad so far, right?


Well, you can't hold anything against point 1 or 2. These have yet to be (and still very well could be) 'fulfilled'. Regardless to a spring launch or not.

As for point 3... well, Nikon (like many other companies across many industries) are tight lipped (and probably with good reason). Its probably a matter of keeping info from competitors till due time.

Either way, I would bet the bank, oils fields and the kitchen sink that something is coming (it's only a matter of time). I just hope we won't be disappointed by whatever arrives next.


F/8 and be there.

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