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Re: Flatbed Scanning of Slides

Simple solution: If she is close by, loan her your slide scanner.

As I've said for years and years, there is no free lunch in photograhy. You can't get something for nothing. Simply put, 1600 dpi is not sufficient resolution to get a decent 4x6 image, especially on a flat bed scanner and without fluid mounting. So what you are likely seeing is not a focus problem, but a resolution problem.

If your sis wants decent quality she is going to have to spend time and or money.


old_dog wrote:

My sister has a bunch of slides that she wants to scan and convert to
digital images. I am looking for comments from people who have used
a flatbed scanner to do this.

I have an Epson 1660 Photo Scanner and a Nikon Coolscan 5000. I use
the Nikon for my scanning but she is not interested in investing this
much money in a scanner. I decided to try the Epson and it works but
... What I am seeing is that the images are very soft on focus
compared to the Nikon. If anyone is familiar with the Epson 1660, is
there a way to improve the focus using the software that comes with
it? The specs on it indicate that focus is automatic.

In short, she is looking for a reasonably priced solution, hardware
and software, to convert several hundred slides. She is not into
scanning for making large prints - just wants to convert the slides
to digital images that will work for sharing via email or a web site
and to make 4x6 inch prints.

Before someone suggests it, I am not interested in scanning several
hundred slides using my Nikon, I have way too many of my own to work

I am thinking of suggesting that she get Adobe Photoshop Album to
manage the images and make minor adjustments to them. If she wants a
printer that prints nice 4x6 prints that HAVE permanence, then I am
thinking of the Epson PictureMate as I have one and it does a nice
job plus uses metallic inks. If permanece is not an issue, she can
print on the inkjet printer she already owns.

Thanks for any suggestions and hints,

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