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Re: Airport security

MusicDoctorDJ wrote:

Doesn't matter what the guideline says . . .

Actually, it does. The TSA agents are required to follow their standard operating procedure. Deviating from it can result in being reprimanded. That's why they are so many stupid procedures like running the wand over bare feet. Exactly what do they expect to find? A surgically implanted knife?

All it takes is one of the security personel to decide to be an
a-hole and you might just miss your plane!

True, but this is fairly rare and you won't miss the flight unless you start arguing about it. Ask for a supervisor if there's a problem. I know of several instances where the TSA were overstepping their bounds and the passenger remained calm (important) and called over a law enforcement officer who evaluated the situation and promptly told the TSA agent that he was mistaken. However, do something to annoy them and they can make your day quite miserable.

I figured why take the risk and just put those things in my luggage
so it would be a non-issue.

And risk it being stolen by one of the TSA agents in the baggage handling area? Or lost by the airline? No thanks. Not to mention that for short trips, checking luggage is impractical.

Cameras, batteries and chargers are allowed in carry-on in the United States. In other countries, it may be different. For example, in India, batteries must be checked.

The TSA is more concerned with finding bottles of water. In fact, in a recent 'test' the TSA found the water but missed the bombs:

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