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Re: Airport security

Here in Atlanta, they have a new system in place for baggage. It is supposedly so good and detailed that few bags are searched any more, unless they alarm. If it can't be cleared on the screen, it will then be searched. But from what a friend told me, they have gotten rid of most of the baggage screeners (most things are just shuffled around on conveyer belts now) and sent them to passenger screening.

And hopefully, the ones they got rid of were the apes that loved throwing bags down chutes (instead of putting them on the belts), or into a wall when they missed. Most likely, tho, these guys are now supervisors. It used to be interesting to watch these thugs, but they now work underground, out of site.

Agree - take anything of value, esp. drugs, on with you. You never know if they will follow you onto the same plane, or (for medication) how long you will be stuck on the plane, with no way out - with no A/C - or at some airport.

When I travel for the gov, I carry on 2 laptops, a bag, a camera bag and a 130mm MAK scope (for fun). I've gotten on that way a dozen times (with few arguments) and, on a very crowded flight they had to walk the scope down to baggage. It went in last and was waiting for me when I got off, so I wasn't too worried. Now if my new hip only made me look less like a terrorist...

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