Why market share of Canon is high?

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Re: Why market share of Canon is high?

Roadcruiser wrote:

bikinchris wrote:

Enir wrote:

Many professionals went from Nikon to Canon, the general consensus
being that Canon offers a better digital world.

Actually, Canon made many more inroads on Nikons professional
leadership when film was in use. Canon had much faster focus motors
built into the lenses and Nikon was using screw drive focus motors
built into the camera for nearly every lens. The big white lenses
snapped into focus much quicker and helped start a sales trend.

Like I mentioned earlier, for that reason many Nikon users switched
over, especially those who did sports photography. Canon didn't have
a better digital world, they just had faster focus lenses. As far as
a digital world, Nikon still leads...particularly with their iTTL
flash technology.

Canon has lower noise levels and full frame machines. There is no Nikon equivalent of the Canon 5D.


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