Capture NX and UniWB problems (D200)

Started Jul 15, 2007 | Discussions thread
Craig Joiner Junior Member • Posts: 44
Re: Capture NX and UniWB problems (D200)

Same here with my D2X and I've not managed to fix it. I just work round it now.

I found the worst thing you could do was to check for blown highlights (SHIFT+H) and then adjust exposure compensation because the displayed image stayed black no matter what you did afterwards.

I'd shot an entire days worth of images with UniWB before I realised and it took me days to get them through Capture NX. Most were processed via batch in the end once I'd finally got some basic alterations to work with one image.

Following a HDD failure, I had the "opportunity" to start from scratch and re-install Capture. No change.

I was beginning to think it was just me having trouble which made me think it was related to my PC's hardware perhaps.

I now only use UniWB for test shots to check exposure, then I switch back to normal WB for the shot I intend to keep, but occasionally my main shot is taken using UniWB by mistake so I'd love to know if this can be fixed.


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