Suer Steady Shot?

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Suer Steady Shot?

This week the leading German Photo magazine ColorFoto published a semi-pro test of all the different anti-shake systems: mechanical, optical and electronic.
They tested 12 point and shoot camera and 4 SLR systems.

The test was performed such that the contrast of pictures with and without AS turned on could be used to measure the effectiveness of the vibration reduction system.

A very disencouraging outcome: Canon and Nikon optical systems can recover some 70% of maximal contrast (100% would mean fully effective compensation of any camera motion). This is thought to be equivalent to 2-3 F stops.
Pentax mechanical (sensor-motion based) system also scores some 70%, but . .

Sony A100 only performs marginally better with anti shake compared to without (recovers some 40-50%).
Measurements have been performed with the 18-70 zoom lens.

My general experience with ColorFoto is that they do their tests very well and I therefore trust this outcome to be solid.

I do not have a Sony Alpha 100, but a Minota 7D. My daily practical experience with this body is good, I would guess a 2-3 F stops longer shutter time management, although I have not used the Canon and Nikon systems that much.

The test is in German, so probably not really useful to read for most of you. But if you anyhow would like to see the summary chart of the test, I can try to make it available.

Any thoughts or comments?



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