Canon UK Response to MkIII

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Yes But

Cymro wrote:

This is a 100% genuine reply from Canon UK and if you wish I can give
you the case number!! I could not believe what I was reading and it
eventually made me laugh but not before a cold shiver went down my

The basic reality is that in a situation like this the regional marketing and service organizations get left twisting in the wind. Probably some kind of instruction has come down the management chain to try to make the best of what can be done with the custom settings and trying to educate the user. Very possibly the newest hire in the organization got stuck with the unattractive job of trying to make this approach work. Given the apparent close to zero availability of the camera, it is pretty clear that Canon does not really expect this approach to work. But the people at bottom of the organization get stuck doing the best they can.
David Jacobson

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