Canon UK Response to MkIII

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Oh that's comforting..

The camera can not focus on multiple colors... I can not believe they would make that statement...

Also we should have known there was a reason for Canon to add lens adjustment to the camera. It seems the camera will only focus on a solid color, this explains while most of these shots with people on grass the camera is either front or back focusing on the grass, Solid Green Color... So in order to use the camera correctly, you need to take a picture, then look in your 3" lcd to see were it is front or back focusing, make the adjustment and then shoot. Well your going to need 10fps to catch up on all the actioned you missed adjusting your lens to every different condition.

I must be understanding this wrong, because that is pure ridiculous to have to go through that all the time.

Anyway, i am glad i sold mine, maybe this is why every time i used a single focus point, regardless of the metering modes, my images were out of focus.

I wish i had the chance now to play with the camera just to see that if i used multiple focusing points if the pictures would then be sharp and have no front or back focusing issues.

Then using this method would though so much for the speed of auto focus when using a lens that does not auto focus fast to begin with, like the 85MM F1.2 or the 180 Macro, among others..

Another thing we have noticed her eon the canon UK help desk in our
own tests here with this camera system is that the when a single
focus point is selected if the focus point is not on a solid colour
or tone then the focus will flicker between two different focus

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