Canon UK Response to MkIII

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Re: Canon UK Response to MkIII

From a consumer point of view, this is unacceptable for a $4500 piece of equipment.

From Canon's point of view, they're probably not sure how to deal with it as the fix would entail a full recall, and stand to lose reputation on their premier line of cameras. It seems as if they might try to ride this storm out by blaming it on the subject matter that is being photographed (subjects with low contrast or whatever), thus indirectly blaming the consumer for the fault, and hoping this would lessen the impact on consumer perception -- or maybe stalling for a "magical firmware update" (not sure how much this would help though).

Obviously, more time should have been spent on the AI Focusing issues prior to release -- certainly when it was a noted concern from Rob Galbraith and others were had the opportunity to "beta-test" a pre-production model. It's better to "make sure" the model lives up to it's promises, even if it entails a 3- or 6-month delay. Not sure why Canon would choose the route of impatience rather than setting a new standard of excellence.

Canon certainly has a significant investment in this model as well (design, production that is still going on to this minute despite reported hardware faults, etc.), and I'm sure it's a magnificent piece of machinery to behold, but geez it's GOT to do what it's touted to do if they want to avoid a backlash from so many pros who had (past-tense) enough faith in Canon to make such an investment.

Lesson learned is to wait 6 months after release to make sure most serious bugs are worked out, but that does little to console current pros who have dropped a fair amount of money into an undelivered promise.

There maybe enough leverage for a class action suite here...

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